A panty obsession

Hi everyone. I have a small confession to make.

I really like underwear. I have a small collection of bras, but I have a massive collection of underwear.

I have to have panties for every occasion, in every color. Silky ones, lacy ones, thongs, cheeky panties, boyshorts, funny ones, nerdy ones… I have a lot.

I have 38 in my drawer, and who knows how many in the laundry. I have a reject bag with probably 20 other pairs that I don’t regularly wear anymore, because there is simply no more room for them in my drawer. Some of you may be saying ‘woww’ in your head. Others may be thinking ‘I have more than that’, and I have to say that this other person is likely a woman. I haven’t met men with more than 15 pairs of underwear. I would like to meet a man with lots of fun underwear, or who appreciates my underwear collection.

Someday I will lay out all my panties on my bed and post a picture of them. But today is not that day. Maybe tomorrow will be that day. *shrug*

If you’re a man who appreciates underwear, or has a collection of your own, I’d love for you to share it with me!

xo – Miss R


About Miss R

Kink is the sexually exotic and taboo, a world I've been attracted to but never dared to enter - Until now. Join me as I explore and reflect on my new experiences and desires.

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