3 – French Maids

Today is the third day of Christmas!

On the 3rd day of Christmas, my twue dom gave to me – 3 French Maids
2 Violet Wands
&   a Shibari girl in a Suspension Tree


Maid fetishism is popular and I love it!  Maids are great for Human Furniture play, and Service.

I love the idea of a sexy maid flitting around waving a feather duster, wearing heels and lace, and lapsing into flirty french and pouting with big lips when you make them bend over to pick up something you dropped. I wish I could have my own team of french maids for a Christmas present – one male, one female.. I would make one maid help ‘clean up’ the other dirty maid.. but I digress.

I promised you 3 Maids for Christmas! So here we go!

1.  The Classic Pinup Maid!

french_maid_sweeping_pin_up_post_cards-r70dccd1974c943129ef5ff254c8c69f2_vgbaq_8byvr_512 il_fullxfull.12145832

The maid is caught sweeping dust under the carpet instead of cleaning it up. “Oh madame, je suis désolé! I promise to be better, please do not fire me?”


Yvette, the french maid from the movie/board game Clue, is an example of this classic french maid image.


2.  Maid Cafe Maids!

main6You may have heard of Maid Cafes in Japan? “How may I serve you today master?”


Maids are very common in anime as well. This is Minami Kotori from School Idol Project.  So many animes have maids in them. Feel free to browse this image list of anime maids.


3.  The Service Maid!

tumblr_mcxji8GWxK1rv4jkoo1_1280I really appreciate service maids/manservants. I would enjoy being in service as such. It’s nice to have a purpose and serve people you care about.


This GIF is surprisingly from the Brittany Spears “Work Bitch” music video.  This is creative product placement, if ever I saw it. It’s service And a gag. It’s speakers in place of this woman’s voice. I love it. Not even close to a French Maid, but I love it.



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Here’s another picture just for your enjoyment. Believe it or not, this is from a boxer advertisement. I don’t agree with how they made all of these adverts, but if they just made half of them male that would be great. Anyway, especially since I’m into panty/boxer worship, I think it’s super hot.

jbs_french_maidYay Maids!!!


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